Preparing Your Bottles

You will need 30 - 750ml bottles or any combination of bottle sizes equaling 22.5 liters.

  1. Remove the labels. Try soaking the bottles in warm to hot water. Some labels just will not come off, those bottles go into the recycling bin!
  2. Remove the shrink cap with a sharp knife, sliding the blade along the bottle neck away from you.
    * If there are any black spots or mold in the bottle it is much easier in the long run to recycle rather than reuse.
    * If you have wine and/or wine sediment in the bottle, use a cap of bleach or diversol dissolved in hot water. NEVER USE SOAP.
  3. Rinse the bottles thoroughly in hot water.
  4. Store your bottles upside down in a box to all proper drainage and to prevent critters from making a home in your bottles.

Once your bottles are complete, now comes the hard part, waiting for the phone call telling you that your wine is ready to bottle!